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: Aug 2011
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once upon a time it was eligible to accept as supreme both in the eyes of constitution and in general but not any more.reason is 60% percent of the members of that august house are booked on one or the other criminal case.i want to ask the out standing parliamentarian awardee mr,somnath chatterji how he felt when he as a speaker of that august house preached oath to a criminal like pappu yadav as a member of that supreme house.are the few left over mr, cleans who are beaten morally and scattered in different parties not worried about the sanctity of that august house which they want the people of this country to acknowledge as supreme?.mr left over cleans of this august house please note that history will not forgive for handing over this house on a platter to the criminals to occupy for the sake of political vendetta and hungry for power.please bear in mind this house was once occupied by the citizens of impeccable integrity who got elected as member umpteen times without spending a penny and not even leaving their home for vociferous campaign as their service to people was speaking for it self.the house is supreme but the occupants are injurious to people.