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Please speak to your mother what wrong you are doing

A corrupted person needs more power -- to hide the corruption; to do it and not to be caught. Only power can corrupt him and his corruption. The less powerful he is, the less prone to corruption. Corrupt people are attracted to power, and once they achieve it, of course they start all sorts of corruptions. Then it looks as through power corrupts, but it simply reveals, it is a mirror.

Whatever the powerful do is right. No law is enforced on the powerful, the powerful are above the law. The law is in force for everyone else. This is why it appears that power corrupts. Power does not corrupt. Power merely uncovers you. Power makes evident your naked picture: how you are, who you are, what you are.

Ambition brings corruption

Ambition corrupts, the ambitious mind is bound to be corrupt. Ambition is the seed of insanity.

This situation is a human creation. We have created a society with a mad rush for wealth, power, politics; we go on supporting it, and then we ask why there is corruption. Where there is ambition, corruption will be the logical consequence. You cannot check corruption unless the whole basic structure that encourages ambition is destroyed.

Constant Greed Cannot be Fulfilled

Be existential. Let go, and move closer to existence is silence and peace, in meditation.

And one day you will see you are so full—overfull, overflowing – of joy, of blissfulness, of benediction. You have so much of it that you can give it to the whole world and yet it will not be exhausted.

That day, for the first time, you will not fell any greed—for money, for food, for things, for anything. You will live naturally, and whatever is needed you will find it. And you will live, not with a constant greed that cannot be fulfilled, a wound that cannot be healed.
Beyond Psychology, Ch. 26

Unless democracy is allied with meritocracy, democracy will continue to be the instrument of man’s downfall and degradation; it can never be the instrument of his upliftment and glory.
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