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: Aug 2011
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a new ppurtunity to change politics

  • in most elections 30-40% do not vote
  • anybody contesting elections spend in crores and you cant expect them to be honest
  • many do not vote because the choice is between one currupt and another
  • some honest persons in fray have no sway on electerote
  • now is the oppurtunity to call all to unite under ANNA who wish to vote for honest persons in next election
  • IAC should identify honest persons willing to contest in each constituency and verify their credentials
  • IAC should collect information reg individuals who want tovote for honest persons only in each village/ward/city
  • you may call for volunteers for such exercice
  • honestcandidates selected by IAC will conest next elections
  • IAC will appeal through media to vote for IAC cadidates
  • thus we will become the real representaives of people
  • IAC candidates should not spend a paisa in meetings/posters/phamplets etc and all propagada must be centrlised from IAC only
  • such cadidates,if elected,must fucttion as voluteers of IAC not eligible for any benefits other than the benefis by govt
  • IAC shouldhave the option of demanding their elected volunteers if they start getting personal gains
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