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: Aug 2011
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Anna vs Government

This is to inform to ruling party Congress,that without loosing any more time,it should pass Jan Lok Pal Bill as per Mr.Anna.Otherwise its results will be horrible for congress....Sonia is a fraud and have no love to India.Congress can think to re-organise itself without Gandhi Parivar which has been adopted fakely by this family.Why BJP not investigated her background in its tenure of regiem...this is also suspected.We today coming to know,what Subramaniam Swami knows about her.Why she flown to Switzerland in June-2011 after Baba Ramdev episode in Ramlila Midan and also invited Rahul her son over there.What they did there?Does she also have some swiss banks accounts over there?How much money they transferred from our country to these accounts?All the questions are rising in most of the people of this country,and giving big pain to us.Country having the population of 121 crores is quiet helpless today as its fate is in hands of foreigner lady.Wake up and come forward in support of Annaji and his team,as there will be no more chance to get rid of this lol democracy.Jai Hind !