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I guess it really depends what matters to you, and whether language is an issue. The quality of life for expats is supposed to be excellent in Zurich, and I'm sure Geneva is good. But getting citizenship, or living there without sponsorship - unless you have lots of $$ - is difficult.

It also depends on the area as well. If you want to live in a resort-like area like Thailand, granted there will be more danger and the health care is far from comparable to Zurich, your money will go farther. Further, you could have more business opportunities in an under-developed country, if you are export minded.

If safety, and quality of social fabric is good, then Iceland is a great choice. They are environmentally friendly, it's super-safe (except at night by the bars when they get all drunk!).

If you're looking for standard of living/purchasing power, , and want to stay in Europe, it's a misconception that the Nordic countries are top. In a recent study conducted by the Wall Street Journal (or was it the New York Times? I can't remember), in fact Spain was rated top of the charts, because although the pay is low, so is the cost of living, as well as crime etc. But you also have to deal with that damn lisp, and the fact that *nothing* gets done, even when siesta is over.

If you are in a country that has socialized medical care, and you can't get a private doctor, your medical care is going to suck. Even with a private doctor, the quality of their services will be poorer than other countries. Many English have virtually no dental care because of lack of dentists, and many Canadians come over the border for American medical care. So it's really weighing the pros and cons, and you have to decide what factors really matter to you.
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