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: Apr 2011
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"Stop spreading castism"

the so called leaders of lower cast and daliths, when they get fame ,power ,money etc tendencies to marry from upper cast.
The messiah of dalits Ambdekar married a GSB lady. the new messiah Ramvilas paswan second wife is a bobcutt, sleeveless upper cast lady( his poor first wife lives in a mud house in her native village, of course he married her when he was a poor unknown dalith)
In kerala. Pandalam Sudhakaran,raghuchandrabal,s.Ajaykumar etc are married from upper cast. they want to enjoy the life but they cannot do anything to their people.
"Gentle men ! Kindly Note these words

"If you want to finish the brahmins then marry the Brahmin women. Dalits should marry Brahmin women and take them out of their varna. Then Brahmins the micro minority 3 percent population of india will have no women left to marry and breed. They will die a natural death and become extinct."

You must stop spreading castism. Control on your personal feelings. I believe all cast and community are equal and they should survive with their feelings and culture. Do you wish to make Dalitstan instead of Hindustan ?
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