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Cegonosft job assured Java course|Don't have to look behind

Cegonsoft is a bangalore based IT company.
Cegonsoft researched on the expectations of our IT clients from the candidates and the syllabus for training were designed based on the results.In addition, we prepare the candidates for interviews by training them in Aptitude, Group Discussion, and Personality Development etc. Perhaps, we go by the saying | A little knowledge is a dangerous thing Therefore we see to that candidates are imparted knowledge on the Technologies by expert trainers.
ASP is a competing technology from Microsoft. The advantages of JSP are twofold. First, the dynamic part is written in Java, not VBScript or another ASP-specific language, so it is more powerful and better suited to complex applications that require reusable components. Second, JSP is portable to other operating systems and Web servers; you aren’t locked into Windows

NT/2000 and IIS. You could make the same argument when comparing JSP to Cold Fusion; with JSP you can use Java and are not tied to a particular server product.
For more details....Cegonsoft
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