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: Apr 2011
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Surely, there's a covert attempt by almost all politicians not to permit Lokpal Bill to hit them had enough to upset the 'convenient balance' they enjoy in their favour. All the more reason, why we need to push them hard enough to change the equations once and for all. If we don't accomplish it now, it will become even more difficult in the future. Any (legally admissible) price is good enough to pay, having reached thus far.

That said, I feel civil society members should also learn the fine art of diplomatic talk, without compromising on their objects. Though they appear to falter several times, they have been recovering the lost ground so far. After all, they are not politicians and so have not learnt the fine art of negotiating. May be it's worth consulting someone like Stephen Cohen of the US on this. He should be willing to do it free for us. (I'm serious!)

Ganesan. :~)
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