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Protest against corruption

Dear Friends,
I just joined this forum and writing this because i really got frustrated from this issue.
I really have some doubts on Media's stand on this issue, are they showing correct picture of this event or they are just showing what they have been paid from Govt really a good time to earn money for them..
I don’t know whether the Ramdeo's style of protest is correct or not but Issue is very correct that anybody can understand.
But why instead of ministers he had been pressurized to declare his wealth?? Just because he has to show his purity otherwise there is one famous saying ‘IS HAMAM ME SAB NANGE HAIN?’
But he has declared all his wealth, I want to make it very clear that I am not his follower but it is my observations which I m sharing with the forum.
Digvijay is giving very big statements on him, can anybody from Madhya Pradesh support him on this issue, not only from MP in fact from other states who knows him very well...
Everyone in MP knows what he has done during his tenure. In 10 years of his tenure not a single industry /Plant started in MP although many plants closed that is altogether a different case.
Everyone knows MP's road infrastructure during his tenure and really do not want to comment on Corruption as everyone knows how he was.. So my point is why we are or other people are listening to him and why Media is highlighting that...Is he able to declare his wealth like Ramdeo baba…??
Everyone knows whenever he speaks that is so dirty that anybody can be diverted from the Main topic...
One more thing I want to highlight that Digvijay and other Congressian’s are saying that Ramdeo is supported by VHP & BJP but as I saw in news only, many Musilms are also following him and moreover this topic is not related with communalism so why Congress is diverting this, suppose if this is supported by BJP / VHP also then what is the problem, if they are supporting this protest then corrupt people cannot be questioned or penalized is this the message from congress???
Now if we talk about LALU...he he he I think he also gave some dirty comments on Ramdeo but does anybody respect him or listen to him at all .. (Thanks to Nitish who really improved Bihar and not eating CHARA)
Again I want to clarify that I am not a supporter of Ramdeo I am just an observer….
Now talk about Shahrukh Khan. May be he is a great actor but how can he speak against Ramdeo,, Why did not his darling Karan stopped him?? When he thrown Saurav Ganuly from his team,, everyone knows how incorrect his step was..He also claims he can do anything for money whether that is strip show or any marriages dance …does his comments matter at all…

Now come to other people who are really against Ramdeo's protest. It is very sad that most of them are from well educated and established class.
How these people react is also very interesting, every morning they wake up with their laptops/TV news channel and whatever is shown by Media they start believing them, they feel that Ramdeo should do his job which is Yoga nothing else, then can anybody from this class can tell who will protest against corruption?? In this case again politician’s belong to that class which is authorized for protest like this, so can anybody tell how can a corrupt protest against corrupt.
Here if we talk about other party’s like BJP and all then tell me can we rely on them also, they also ruled and they are also involved in corruption.
If we talk about the best fit for this protest then are they belong to any special class if he/she cannot be from Yoga, cannot be from their class(so called educated and established people) then who will take care of that Or government should run any specialized course for that like MAC (Masters in Anti corruption)..
How we people can talk like this (since I also belong to the same class), first of all we do not want to protest against this because we do not have time, if someone is protesting then we want his Back ground verification first but we never support his “reason of protest” and we believe what media is serving.
Here Anna Hazare is also doing the same thing but in different style.
Now this difference is looking like Bhagat singh and Gandhi’s style of protest.
I do not know whether we can compare these personalities with them or not but only thing which I know is they should come together, in this case at least government cannot cheat/befool all of us.
Please understand I am just an observer not a biased viewer.
I am supporting Ramdeo / Anna Hazare on their issues.
And would like to request you all to avoid watching Media’s point of view since all are paid.
I know Ramdeo’s style is not correct but still for that only we cannot support this corrupt government.
And funniest thing about this protest is government is not entertaining this protest at all and what it is saying now it is related with “Uttarakhand Government” and we cannot do anything.
I am really afraid whether congress/Government will gain public confidence again or not but whatever it is doing it has to pay for this….
We can see Lalu, karunanidhi and Left’s government, how they collapsed..

I would like to say sorry in advance if I hurt someone on this issue but it is my independent view and not biased, would like to see others comment also….
Please correct if i am wrong ....

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