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: Apr 2011
: Bahrain
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Lightbulb Corruption kaa MAHABHARAT- Bharat-Maataa ka Cheer-Haran!

Corruption kaa MAHABHARAT-
Bharat-Maataa ka Cheer-Haran!

Ruling Party & Opposition Parties are all Kauravas and Mr. P. Chindambaram is Dusshassan!
Mr. Manmohan Singh is Dhritharashtra!

Shakuni mama is "Al-Qaeda+LTTE alliance" which is already ruling India at its gun-point!

Spineless & Soul-less media is making this drama louder and uglier!

All of them are party to doing the Cheer-Haran of Bharat-Maataa!

Helpless and Foolish Jantaa will now watch live telecast of the next strategy of Al-Qaeda+LTTE alliance.

Baba Ramdev is being made to talk about "Hindu-Jihaad"- by creating an army to fight corruption.

Mr. Anna Hazare is being made to talk about peaceful "second freedom movement" from Rajghat!

The casting has been fixed, and the new history of CORRUPT INDIA will be written by Al-Qaeda +LTTE alliance on the same principles of Divide and Rule propogated by Nehru!

In today's drama as well, RSS is being manipulated again for their NEGATIVE ATTITUDE!

Very Soon, the foolish and corrupt people of India will watch the BREAKING NEWS OF:

Assassination of Anna Hazare? or Manmohan Singh?
or both of them?

which will be carried out by LTTE on the instructions of Al-Qaeda and Mr. P. Chindambaram will blame it again on RSS (to save his skin)!
That's why he is screaming in his every statement and blaming RSS.
However Mr. Chindambaram is also a mastermind parliamentarian of the Al-Qaeda+LTTE alliance.(Like "Kaakarlaa" of Tamil movie Kaadhalan!). His involvement with 26/11 will be revealed in the book to be written by David Hadley!

At present, the opinion poll by the spineless and corrupt media will decide who will be "tapkofied" by Al-Qaeda +LTTE alliance and which party can then become the "Ruling puppet".

Unless the SPINELESS MEDIA & SO-CALLED EDUCATED PEOPLE of India awaken their conscience and KILL THEIR GREED FOR MATERIALISM & MONEY and change the definition of INDIAN at a global level, till then they will continue to be a CORRUPT NATION which will ALWAYS BE KNOWN AS A COUNTRY OF CHEATS, THUGS & BEGGARS!

(1) Prayer for Mr. Anna Hazare:
"O'God, it's comfortable and easy to reach out primarily to people and situations I know best.
Deliver me from the habits that keep me from growing where I need to grow.
And help me to step out in places where I need to go. Amen"

(2) Prayer for Mr. Manmohan Singh:
"God, you revealed yourself to us in human form, and, in doing so, fully sympathized with our weaknesses. Your tongue called a dead man to life. Your hand touched a leper and made him clean. Your feet got dusty and calloused. And you wept....from a heart as broken as ours. You made yourself real to us in Jesus. Amen"

(3) Prayer for INDIA:
"O'God , shine the light of your Spirit into my mind so that any negative thoughts are exposed and transformed into good, wholesome and winsome attitudes."

"I have come into the world as a light so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness." (John 12:46)

God Loves The "Spirit of Bharat Maataa", Mahatma Gandhi, Truth and Ahimsa & so do I!

AQ Ki Badi Akka-Bua
from Abbottabad
(to be renamed as "Osamabad")

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