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: Apr 2011
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The way they have started to handle the things recently shows how deliberate they are and ready to go to any extent to save them selves. So don't get scared if you wake up tomorrow and find yourself to be kidnapped and taken to isolated place to gag you.

I am afraid that they may act crueler than China/ talibans to gag citizens form protesting against them.

Mr. Kapil sibal is out to threat openly saying in front of media that "If they can reach then can REIN also" ... Man has he lost mind that if we citizens can "Vote them to power, we can fight them and bring them down also".

Mr Shameless crores of rupees of grass eater Lalu was talking about constitution and opposing Annji and Baba .... I can see the fear in their eyes ... If this movement continues they will get caught and get crushed.

Mr Dog Vijay Singh likes to address dreadest terrorist bin laden as "Mr. OSAMA-JI" but a our own citizen and peaceful protester like ramdev baba has been labelled as "THUG" ... Somebody for goodsake shut this dog permanently.

It open now, Italian mafia is running the show in our country. Anybody can beat up any common man who raises the voice against Italian Mamji and her chamchas at mid of the night and it'll be justified shamelessly.
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