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: Apr 2011
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Yes, laws and then more laws to enforce them will only lead to more chaos and corruption. It only makes stronger the point that it all depends on the individual - the value system instilled in the person from childhood. Now that begs the question - what value system does our country as a whole have? I'm afraid none - whatever value-system comes, comes from parents and/or family alone. The only value-system taught in schools is the national anthem, description of freedom fighters and yes the ubiquitous things about unity and patriotism - the only semblence of which is in the form of either cricket or hating pakistan!! Tell me, in what other ways are Indians united? Are we truly united - to the extent of helping somebody selflessly?

Oh yes one other thing we all would be united in, is when asked to join the military!! Almost the entire country apart from those from military background would cry out in unison that its "unconstitutional" or unfair or some such adjective.

I wonder how people would react if we have a law that makes it compulsary for every Indian to serve in the military - what I know there is such a law in US and Switzerland, not sure about the rest of the west. I don't know how a person would react if s/he (of her/his son/daughter) is asked to report to military duty (leaving job behind) in India. I really wonder.

And that's a problem - we're getting freedom for "free". When something is available for free, it loses its value - and with us (Indians) this is all the more true! Someone somewhere is doing something and why should we bother? We're free!! How many think about the cost of this freedom? How many even spare a thought about the price a few of our people (the soldiers) pay for getting us our freedom?

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