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Mr. Mishra, the number of people in the “Member’s list” makes no sense, unless they are active members, not just in the forum, but also in real life situations and have vowed to do something about the problem. That is exactly what I meant in the whole article. That we join forums, like pages and communities in Facebook or something until the buzz is around and we think we are done with it. Once dust settles, we don’t care.
Phony and hypocrites to be blunt!
That will in no way help, how many members join. Starting a movement and getting a bill passed is of no use, unless we take strict oath to maintain the corrected system the same way, once set it right on its path.
Revolution needs to be immediately followed by the austere mind set in maintaining and making it evolve and transmute through the generations. But the whole problem with India is, we are either hyper/frenzied about something or we become immune, keep our calm, stand tall bearing all the shit for ages.
First off all, we (every citizen) should take an oath “I, AS A RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN OF INDIA, WONT ENCOURAGE OR ENTERTAIN CORRUPTION IN ANY MEANS, WAYS OR SENSE”, then throw mud at person who we claim “CORRUPT” so is how we can ask HIM TO STOP CORRUPTION. What say Sir?

@Rohit: Thanks very much for your comments. Yes you are so correct that laws are NOT THE ONLY thing that help remove corruption; we should have something to make it strictly abide by. Should we have another law for it?? Of course Indian constitution is the BIGGEST in the whole world. I now guess, this is how it grew so BIGGER!! A new law can always be made in curbing the current law being violated, but again, we have another window opened, to make another law to restrict this lately made law to be sullied. Like Nuclear chain reaction, this LAW MAKING never ends. Isn’t it the way, CVC, CBI, XYZ emerged?? And now Lokpal. But what can stop us from being corrupt? When we see corruption in CBI, CVC, SC and in near future LOKPAL too (GOD FORBID!!)??

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