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"What are we facing corruption or poor sytem"

Gentle men ! After studying persent environment i am not confident whether we all are facing corruption or poor infra structure of government sytem. At a hand we all see people whom we have elected to bring the goodness, found in jail today. On the other hand a question arises Who permitted them to do wrong things. If we go for these two expect, a cruel truth arises before us that we had elected them and also permitted them to do anything they like. Today we(Hon'ble Annaji and his mate) have started to watch their activities the results are before us. Many of politician (minister) are in jail or some are waiting for their turn. it seems to me that we need a system which may capable to follow its all activity. As any announcement or order passed by the government should be followed up to the last link. In other words i will like to say when every citizen of our country become capable to raise his/her voice up the top level and ask for the results without any interpreter or the day when a citizen living in our village or footpath may capable to talk our prime minister / chief minister directly, will be the day when there will be no corruption or disorder in our country. How can it be possible ? Still to find the right way ? Although our Hon'ble Anna ji and his mates, Baba Ramdev and all the people supporting these national heroes are trying their best to make our country people to go right way. But still we lack something.........? We have to find faults with ourself so that we can make our country free of corruption and any evil that is harmful to country and mankind. Bande Matram.....

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