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: May 2011
: New Delhi
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Great that people in Bangalore are preparing hard for visit of Anna Hazare ji on 28th May. Your efforts will pay dividend and will help in mass mobilization. I hope that the momentum gathered will continue till we achieve our goal of corruption free India.

“Having a little national pride and say something abt nation with a little passion (“passion”, NO I DON’T MEAN PATRIOTISM), ppl around, tag u as “Mahatma Gandhi” and that’s a satirical title, one doesn’t want to be tagged with and feels embarrassed of taking responsibility in nation’s issues.”
I read your post against and found above statement held my attention. This is true but very shameful too. In other countries, if you show passion for nation or show concern about national issues, you will get respect and attention. I have mixed emotions of surprise and shame for this.
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