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: Apr 2011
: Mumbai
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@Bhargavi - very true indeed and it clearly reflects the hypocrisy of Indians. If you want to know why corruption is so rampant, buy a car. Not joking...once you begin to drive on India's roads you will begin to see why there's corruption. No - its not the bribes we pay to the traffic cops. It is disregard for others. No motorist gives due regard to others - its always "me first". If one sees another motorist trying to change lanes ahead of him, he will simply speed up and race ahead - basically he's saying "after me", instead of giving way and allowing the other to come in front of him. And this attitude is rampant amongst all of pervades our thinking...its always "me first, I don't care how". Its because of this utter disregard for others - also known as "selfishness" that corruption exists. Till we become more accommodating of others, think about others mutually, things will not change. Yes laws will help - but only so much.
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