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Cool When somebody says "STOP CORRUPTION", I wonder "Who does??!!"

One of the other many main reasons, for corruption growing so deeply is, as I've figured out, either people are unaware or, they are aware but still don’t care, that, a huge part of their hard earned money, paid as tax, a kind of charity we are doing, to create some financial equality across the nation is not serving it’s very purpose but being gobbled by the political and bureaucratic BEASTS big time!!

People, especially ones (I'm one ), working in MNCs, who are extremely educated (as we claim) and can add abundant value to their role playing in nation’s growth, have very little time for their very own nation’s headache and the issues with it, but are busy slogging for different countries, contributing for their Economic growth and happy being paid huge salary and contented paying huge tax, at the end of MARCH, every financial year, thinking their duty as Indian citizen ends then and there. And have very little clue on the intention they are made to pay such huge chunks of their salary as tax and don't give a damn to the process it undergoes after they pay it to govt.

When I say this above statement, trust me, I mean it. Perhaps not everybody, but with majority of the population, the case is this, bcz I work in an MNC and I closely know the fate. Having a little national pride and say something abt nation with a little passion (“passion”, NO I DON’T MEAN PATRIOTISM), ppl around, tag u as “Mahatma Gandhi” and that’s a satirical title, one doesn’t want to be tagged with and feels embarrassed of taking responsibility in nation’s issues.
It’s mostly fashion rather, not real passion, if anything like “Anti-corruption movement” happens most of the times. We like "India against corruption" and "Join/support Anna Hazare" in Facebook and flaunt it fashionably, but ever had, try taking a look at what really is going on with it??!!
Most of us, who shriek “STOP CORRUPTION” holding any quoted boards in any movement, assume that WE ARE UNCORRUPT, by default!. We forget, how many times we bribed, how many times we bypassed the rules, how many times we kept mum while watching something being looted, how many times we have not reported any illegal practice witnessed, how many times we have asked for bribe and all these activities are also called corruption or contribution to the corruption….

When we are failing miserably in our duties as citizens, we have no rights to point fingers at people, our beloved, chosen Netas and learned bureaucrats, who are failing in theirs.

Now that we are asking them (DON'T KNOW WHOM) to “STOP CORRUPTION”, so we should obviously be “ UNCORRUPTED” (by default), no second thought in it!! Blame someone and claim that you are right!! You see, thats the beauty "Human psychology".

Thats why, even so many politicians (curbing their conscience), joined Anna Hazare and started supporting and yelling "STOP CORRUPTION"!! HA!!! What on the earth can go possibly wrong than this??? "An Indian POLITICIAN shouting STOP CORRUPTION"??!!!

"STOP CORRUPTION"??? (Mann!! I hate that phrase!!) If everybody says so, who should really act and stop it yaar?? Are we assuming, if we keep yelling like this for a long time, “Corruption” gets pissed off and halts it’s functioning, itself on ONE FINE DAY??!!!

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