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: May 2011
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Indian Democracy & Corruption

One of the main reasons for corruption & inefficiecy & insensitiveness in the India Administration is INDISCIPLINE. The constitution has laid down a system where self discipline too is needed. A minister who takes oath to abide by the constitution forgets it just after signing.He becomes a lord like those feudal days in the British rule.Ask him to remember his oath which he conveniently forgets. This emanates from the childhood when the toddler learns to either live by his commitment or to give it a go by. At that time the elders need to guide him to live upto his words or to keep his commitments. The oath taking by a person is just like that.
And there is no punishment for not keeping his commitments, THIS NEEDS TO BE IMPLEMENTED. It is nothing but purjury but not in a court of law but in the eyes of the people .