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: May 2011
: durg
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tough norms for police & administrations

it has seen when corruption charges to higher level IPS & IAS they only tranfered and no strict action taken. when a clerk is charged with corruption he is jailed then why not top brass . there should be very very tough action for controlling authority like police ,IAS etc as they feel they are above law. Corrupt police officers must be immediately tranfered to out of police dept till his clearance and when guilty he should be not be in police dept ever( to work like normal person will biggest blow to police).
like IAS must demote to junior level of non IAS post till he proved innocent ( IAS when work without his IAS batch it will be utmost humiliation ). for corrupt IAS , IPS first their power to reduced to zero , i have a lot ideas rest i will post later , tell how was it? JAI HIND
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