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: Mar 2011
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Yes, we do wish to rid ourselves of corruption. But at the same time we are aware of the fact that corruption has become so much integrated with our day to day life that it has almost become the second nature. Just as we brush our teeth every morning, so also we indulge in corrupt practices instances of which are given in the above write up in Hindi. We take to corruption with the same ease with which fish takes to water. It is ingrained in our blood. We do not know of a life where corruption can be absent. It's eradication will therefore look well-nigh impossible. If we are convinced it is possible to get rid of it, we'll definitely like to get rid of it because we are all aware of the fact that it has destroyed our normal civilized way of living. We know smoking is injurious to health, yet many of us smoke. But even those who smoke know it is not good and would like to give it up if only they could. So is the case with corruption. Despite its all-encompassing and omni presence phenomenon, we all want to get rid of it. What is required is a push that will throw it out. Anna Hazare has demonstrated the strength of that push. Only we should not slacken our determination in the face of the odds that are presented and need to be surmounted. Old habits die hard. Give it a determined push. It will go.

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