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I have of couple points. Let me clear that I am die heart supporter of Anna's ji movement.

(i) I have great regards for Sh Shanti Bhushan and Sh Prashant Bhusan. But personally, I feel only one member either father or son, should be in drafting committee.
(ii) IAC should stop threatening Govt. It seems they are blackmailing now. You may loose people support by blackmailing. One should not be adamant with dead line. I know deadline is important. But drafting fool proof bill is more important. India is such a vast countries with so many diversities, and political parties. If country can live without Lok Pal bill for 63 years, it can live couple of more months. Now IAC is behaving like in Country there is no system to check corruption. System is in place only enforcement is poor.
(iii) So my humble request is that try to have sound Lok pal bill so that there is no loop hole and it should be fool proof. May be it will take couple of more months.

i) Since both the Bhushans helped with the draft of the bill, it's important that all the drafters be in the committee. However, Prashant Bhushan offered to stay away from the committee but the civil society wanted him to stay.
ii) I think there is good reason for setting up a deadline. We have seen what happened to the old Lokpal bills when there was no deadline. If we be lax about the bill, it won't get passed and even if it does, it wouldn't be of any use after all the modification.
"System is in place only enforcement is poor." --- Well, without the enforcement, what's the point of having a system in place?
"If country can live without Lok Pal bill for 63 years, it can live couple of more months."
Contrary to what the middle class believes, the biggest brunt of corruption is borne by the poor. Today the economic gap is wider than ever. About 80% of the country live on less than 20 rupees a day. The poor do not have money to send their children to schools and cannot afford expensive treatment of disease, so loss in national exchequer means less money to education and health sectors. We all know how pathetic the condition in govt hospitals are. People die without treatment, on the floors, stairs and hospital yard. No new government or schools hospitals have been built in my area as long as I can remember. Using SEZ government evicts people from their land and take away their livelihood without adequate compensation while corporates take control of our water, market and environment. Inhumanity reaches a new low when government, who's supposed to be protecting people, demolishes slums because poverty is an eyesore and bad for India's image - as a consequence people become homeless and in winter die on the streets. With an overwhelming majority of the population in destitution, we cannot delay the enforcement of the Jan Lokpal.
iii) Jan Lokpal bill is pretty sound in its present form and the government should be pretty familiar with the bill given these people have been sending letters and contacting members of the government for about a year.

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