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: Apr 2011
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Shanti Bhushan tapes are doctored

Headlines Today and the Times of India said their 'experts' said the CDs were not sliced and it was a continuous conversation. No names of the experts or organizations that tested the tapes were mentioned, of course. Well, bad luck to them, the Bhushans had the tapes tested by two labs, one a famous one from the USA, the other Truth Lab. Both the labs said there is ample evidence of slicing and what's more, a part of the conversation that was supposedly one between S Bhushan, Amar Singh and Mulayam S Yadav is IDENTICAL to a part of another conversation between Amar Singh and Mulayam S Yadav whose tapes were released in 2006 and an investigation is pending on it.
Well, that should be conclusive evidence of doctoring for anyone with an ounce of brain, but our media aren't convinced yet. Because - many of these media houses including the Times of India, Headlines Today and Indian Express have played an active part in this whole vilification conspiracy by claiming the tapes authentic and delaying the investigation into these tapes. Remember the media silence on Radia tapes? Compare that to the enthusiasm of this time. The judge that the tapes claim that the Bhushans were supposed to 'manage' with 4 cr is presiding over the 2G scam and Amar Singh case - both cases are being fought by Prashant Bhushan. So by claiming that a nexus exists between Bhushan and the judge the government actually seeks to remove the judge and Bhushan from the cases, at the same time making sure that the father-son duo stay away from Lokpal committee so that the empty places can be filled by people of their choice - in other words infiltrate the civil society membership of the Lokpal committee. Also, interestingly, the part where Amar Singh says that Shanti Bhushan is sitting with him does not seem to be doctored. Yet Shanti Bhushan says that he never met Singh. So that clearly suggests that Amar Singh was involved in the making of the fake tapes.
P.S I've posted the same comment in my facebook group.
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