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: Apr 2011
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We definitely should not deter from framing this law. However, the most mis-used laws according to the Indian judiciary survey: "attempt to Murder", "Dowry Harassment", etc. were also framed without any checks and balances and the misuse has reached very significant levels. Government is now finding it hard to bring in amendments to curb the misuse.

Added to this even the perjury laws are extremely weak.

However, I do not want to get into a parallel discussion, but I would like to point that we should put checkpoints now rather than later. After a lot of effort Annaji and party has been able to convince government to constitute a "friendly" committee to draft a good bill. It would take the same amount of effort to make amendments. Its better to get things right ( or even very close to right) the first time rather than wait for "Next time".

I can clearly see that the corrupt people ganging up together and implicating the rare "honest officers", Lets encourage honesty rather than misuse.
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