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: Mar 2011
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The fear of misuse mustn't deter us from using it. There are enough checks and balances provided in the draft that is proposed by the civil society. Misuses, if any, should serve as learning and rectifying tools. If there is desire to succeed, talks of misuse cannot unnerve us and should not unnerve us. We have embarked on a good cause. There will be impediments, road blocks and vested interests. Many will rise from nowhere and raise questions that never haunted them in the past. They were quite happy with the situation that was obtaining in the country. Now that Anna Hazare has achieved something they had not seen it happening in the wildest of their dreams, they are uncomfortable. One thing is sure, the proposed Lokpal and Lokayukta bills will rob many of their sleep. Therefore, a large number of them have risen from their slumber to advise Anna and find fault with his methodology. As if he is the first person in the world to have practised it. They have very conveniently forgotten Mahatma Gandhi and his Satyagraha. Such people should keep their counsel to themselves. Anna Hazare is after all a normal human being who can have personal views on certain matters or individuals and he is within his rights to state his approval or disapproval of certain individuals. Just because his praise for someone does not suit someone else, it does not mean he should refrain from stating them. Besides, a progressive person is he who is amenable to change. Who can tell he will not change his opinion on various individuals or events. Time is the best teacher.

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