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: Apr 2011
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It would be very difficult so because under Jan Lokpal, Lokpal committee selection procedure is very transparent and left almost no scope of inclusion of incompetent and dishonest people. Selection will be recorded and selection panel is constituted of civil society, CJIs and High Court judges and last two Magsaysay Award Winners.

Against all odds, if one case out of 1000 case happen to be in-genuine, then that is what a cost one country must take in order to remove the cancer of corruption. Statistically speaking, one may take a significance level of 0.001. You can't expect the six-sigma being implemented in such subjective matter's of practical life. After all India has been able able to produce just one six-sigma organization. Neither our current system assures that honest can't be entangled by dishonest conspirators.
Sanjay Rai
A Small Sepoy
India Against Corruption
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