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Vinay Kumar
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: Oct 2009
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advice to supporters of anti-corruption movement

If you want to get rid of corruption or reduce to some extent, first you have to stop reservations based on caste. These insects (SC/ST/OBC) who constitute 70-80% of the government work force, are corrupting the entire system. They are ruling the roost now. Even in this movement, I am sure 99% of them are from open category. You can survey and find that in these period of protests and morchas, ST/ST/OBC are busy making money or doing their own works. In few years, you will not find any MP,MLA,CM,PM from open category. As a result, you will see a total chaos and anarchy in the society. Our priority after removing reservation system must be to stop Naxals who are eyeing to cage civil society. Even these protestors from open category will be behind bars with no provision of bail.
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