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Rakesh Patil
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: Apr 2011
: Maharashtra
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Angry No octroi, no local tax ! ! !

Sirs, it should be observed that earlier Octroi used to get collected for Goods entering any city by the Municipal Corporation as funds to run the respective city. But collection of the same has been stopped by all States except in 22 Districts of Maharashtra. VAT(Value Added Tax) is being collected since then. The Central Govt. has declared that after abolishing collection of Octroi, the deficit amount shall be compensated from the Funds collected from VAT. But in the 22 Districts of Maharashtra, VAT has been imposed since more than 2 years n Octroi also was being collected. But recently, OCTROI collection was stopped from March 31, 2011( as even PM Manmohansingh said, all city level Taxes including Octroi should be stopped) but a LOCAL TAX is being proposed by the Municipal Corporation by their own rights JUST FOR CORRUPTION as this is one big source of CORRUPTION for Politicians, Members n Workers of Municipal Corporation.
When BJP-Shiv-Sena was in power earlier in State, they did the blunder of abolishing Octroi out of city limits but kept it on within City limits. This is causing disparitiy as people are finding Goods costlier in city because of Octroi n Cities are losing their business n are shrinking.
The Tax collected from VAT is more than double than what they used to get from Octroi. The Chamber of Commerce also is against this as the Govt. is not acting with Principles n the powers that are, are using pressure to silence them. THIS IS GRAVE INJUSTICE. When whole India n other parts of Maharsahtra other than these 22 Dists. don't have Octroi or Local Tax, why then is it being forced here???...just for CORRUPTION. THIS IS BLATANT DAYLIGHT LEGAL ROBBERY. Its a very serious problem. Please save these cities from drowning !!! :
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