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: Apr 2011
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People are entitled to their views. No point in calling any body a fool. It will however be a good idea to moderate comments before publishing them.
Please dont try to quell the spirit of the nation by making seemingly justifiable statements like this which our corrupt politicians have been very dexterously making use of all these years. At this critical juncture when the whole nation is in one spirit and a person sends a message with utter disregard to such an unanimously binding movement of the people, who will not term him as a fool. In fact that word itself is a very moderately termed one for that person and yourself objecting to this is very unfortunate and untimely giving speculation to what your real intentions are or who has prompted you to give such a comment on this forum which has just one agenda thus far. Having said this i have nothing against you as a fellow countryman and welcome you to be very much part of this people's movement with a humble request that please dont douse this fire which has erupted from the smouldering hearts of our countrymen with no where to go or no person to heed to their miseries until now. I am very sorry if i have hurt you or got your point wrong which you may very well elucidate as a reply but want to make facts threadbare at this vital turning point for our country. We simply do not want any impediment to the immense benefits that our country stands to gain from this astonishingly brave and yeoman sacrifice from a nanogenarian Mahatma Anna.