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: Apr 2011
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Prime minister Manmohan singh is not fit, not honest, not intelligent, not ethicle and not wise enough to work at the post of PM, see reason as follows
For selection of CVC, a three member high-level committee selects & appoints CVC from a panel of 3 names forwarded by Dopt secretary.
The 3 member high-level committee included PM, leader of opposition in loksabha & homeminister.
The theme behind the procedure is so that wisdom of three can reach to best selection of CVC.
but this MMS PM and Homeminister made it again like division of vote. if they would have used thier majority to select a better option that it would have been justified but they used their majority with bad intentions.
Here as the member of high-level committee they should have used their good wisdom to put forward the best choice, but their wisdom was to select a tainted person, so it proves PM Mabnmohan singh and chidambaram both are not good at wisdom.
2. the third member the leader of opposition Sushma used her good wisdom to reach to a conclusion that out of the 3 choices mr PJThomas was not fit for the post, she conveyed her wisdom to Prime minister and chidambaram but again they wishfully avoided to heed to the wisdom of Sushma ji. It means 2 of 3 members of a high level committee were not wise enough to reach to a good selection, leave their inability aside, they were not even ready to learn from others wisdom, so this is a criminal effort to reach to a wrong selection.
This shameless person Manmohan singh instead of accepting this, started attacking on Advani saying he has not forgiven him.
Manmohan singh has at several occasions defended A RAJA,not only he defended but he said, ARAJA has not done anything wrong, now ARaja is in Jail and based upon the avilable information CAG was able to reach to a conclusion that ARaja has done something serously wrong which has caused a presumptive loss of 1.76lakh crores.
The question is if CAG can reach to this conclusion, then why Mr Primeminister Manmohan singh was able to reach toa different conclusion that ARajaj has not done anything wrong, while he was privy of more information and much before than the CAG has. It proves he has deliberately tried to mislead parliament at several occasions. it could be becuase of two reasons, either Manmohan singh is not competent enough to understand, that a person from his cabinet is crrupt and causing a huge loss to exchequer, or he knew everything but kept quite and even defended the corrupt again he could have done this for 2 reasons, 1.he is in collusion with ARaja and has enjoyed the fruit of corruption directly by taking share, or he kept quite so that his masters (Gandhi family) can get their share of the money.
This the good reason he is not fit, not honest, not intelligent, not ethicle and not wise enough to work at the post of PM