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Anurag Nandan
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: Apr 2011
: Bangalore
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Keen to initiate anti-corruption peace march

Hi Everyone
I believe that time has come for every youth ,who has been ever been frustated by the rampaging corruption our country, to raise his/her voice against this growing menace.
The time has come when we no longer need to remain just a passive audience,but take a solid action against the same.

Allow me to quote few lines from the movie rang de basanti to make my thoughts and intention more clear:

"Jindegi jine ke do hi tariquee hote hain...Ek jo ho raha hain usey chalne do, bardasht karte jao, dusri....jimmadari uthao aur badlo cheezo ko"

On these dreamy lines I would like to propose a peace march to be initiated for those who feel this same way!

Lets start a discussion on how it could be implemented, lets come up with ideas and plans to give this motion a final form in YOUR CITY!

Its Now Or Never
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