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: Apr 2011
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Hi, people who're in Mumbai let's get together and make our voices heard.. thousands came out on the roads when our overpaid cricketers won something finally.. surely the same numbers or more can come out to support this movement which impacts each and every one of our lives (unfortunately cricket doesn't).. may mumbaikars also remember that our city is one of the highest tax paying cities in india and yet what do we get in return for our hard work?? r u happy to work 12hrs+ a day to see a month's salary go towards this corrupt government?? r u happy paying road tax and yet having to drive on broken roads which are fixed thrice a year, not to forget broken car suspensions? r u happy paying for infrastructure devpt where ur corrupt ministers deem right for their vote banks whilst we still hang on to near death in our old n overcrowded trains?? r u ok with paying taxes and yet not getting simple things like medical insurance or community support from the government?? where is our tax money going?? it's time we all stood up and got counted.. it's time we asked our government to give us clear answers rather than form committees n sub committees that have no power and r made up of respectfully tainted ministers.. if our government cannot give answers, punish the guilty and return back the tax payers money, they have no moral obligation to continue in office.. the people who voted for them also have the right to ask them to step down or incur the collective wrath of an emerging nation that feels cheated by the very people they trusted.. speak up now!!