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: Mar 2011
: Patna
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Wage a war against corruption

At Patna we undertook a fast. We were in good number and all those present were fully geared to carry forward this movement. Expressing our solidarity with Anna Hazare in his fast unto death, we interacted with passers by, enlisted their support and briefed them on why it is absolutely necessary to weed out this poisonous thing from our country so that our children can breathe in fresh air that has no smell of corruption. The number of those supporting this cause is growing by the day and we are all determined to see that the Lok Pal & Lok Ayukta Bills as proposed by us are actually approved and passed by the parliament. By doing this, we would infuse a sense of dread in the minds of the corrupt who have no fears of law because they know law will not catch up with them, because both law and law enforcing authorities are weak, corrupt and slack.

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