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action speaks louder than words

This is an excellent idea. A platform for those who feel that enough is enough and something needs to be done about corruption in India.The crucial point is - why there is so much corruption in our country? The answer is not simple.Here are a few we all may be already aware of:

(1) Lack of fear of punishment for the corrupt. In other words, no fear for the rule of law or rather laws are very lax.
(2) Delivery of justice goes on and on and there is only a spectacle(tamasha) either in the media or in the public forums.In the end nothing happens and the corrupt gets away easily.
(3) Lack of moral values in our society. Our children have no sense of pride because they everyday see their members of the family doing wrong and wrong doing becomes a habit.They rather take pride in wrong doing.
(4) Gross inequality in our society in India.Farmers committing suicides and Ambanis making mansions and buying jets as gift.
(5) Material gains as a yardstick of success in our lives,propagated by market capitalism and corporate culture prevailing in India.
(6)After Mahatma Gandhi, people in this country are waiting for a role model half as good as him.No one in sight as yet.
(7)Greed is good, root of most evils in any society,is rapidly becoming hallmark of the Indian society.
(8) Raag Darbaari: Promoting sycophancy,nepotism,cronyism,casteism all are signs of a backward and corrupt society which create division and we all know that a fractured country cannot succeed because talent and honesty will take a backseat.Entry through backdoor will become prevalent
(9) Politicians are one of us, any society will choose the politician on the collective mentality of its electorate.In other words, it will help if each one of us looked at our own image in the mirror first thing in the morning and asked a simple question: Am I corrupt?

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