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: Mar 2011
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We all know There's Problem, and who so ever is responsible for this, the point is, its no more tolerable and we have to fix it.[b] How is the Question?
Jan Lokpal Bill as drafted is good enough to at least start with.

@Mr. Negi

I second your point of much needed awareness among the people or rather masses for that matter.

The foremost thing we need is the way/medium through which we can bring about this 'India Against Corruption' more in the light, which probably can be done by making it a part of our routines, probably through a Wrist Band, T-Shirts, Batches, Caps or something like that.

Secondly, If a particular documentary can be prepared and put on Social Websites like Facebook or Youtube.... that can really help as we can gather at least youth's attention with that.

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