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surendra singh negi
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: Mar 2011
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Reservation Policy

1. The time has come to afresh the Reservation Policy and needs further reforms.

2. The continuance with the present policy is defeating its purpose of bringing up the social and economical equality at the cost of widespread frustration resentment.

3. As is being sought by so many people now we must shed the caste as a sole criteria for reservation.

4. Economically weaker section must be included in the list.

5. Secondly the reservation quota must not exceed 45%.

6. Then there must be reservation in all schools, irrespective of their being aided by the government funds.

7. We must not forget that today there is so much unrest on account of reservation only on caste basis. Do we want to uplift only lower caste people and not the economically weaker sections. This is also one of the reasons for apathetical attitude of millions in our country and which only is adding fuel to resentment and that point is very much right.

8. The time has also come that the creamy layer must be excluded from the benefits of reservation otherwise it is going to backfire in coming days for the country as a whole. There is so much frustration and resentment in today's youth and this aspect needs urgent attention.
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