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Vinay Kumar
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: Oct 2009
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You are right. Being born in an upper caste (civilised family) is a sin in present scenario. Our wo/men are being humiliated not only in villages but in cities too because they outnumber us. These quota people harass us in offices. You must be aware of a recent development in Khairlanji (Maharashtra) where few dalits were killed in a clash with upper caste people. Court has awarded life imprisonment to the accused. Dalits are pressing hard to award death sentence and gheraoed Mr R.R.Patil (Home Minister of Maharashtra). Just imagine what will happen in an individual case?. Any upper caste person will be bashed and abused by dalits and lodged a complaint under Dalit Atrocities Act. This is happening now. If you collect a data of anti-social elements, most are from this so-called oppressed class.
For your information, Maharashtra govt has agreed to have a census of Marathas which hints that Marathas can get reservation in future. I think it is a time to form a national forum of upper caste and demand 50% reservation in all the institutions and jobs.
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